Little Miss Success!

Success: If you they think say them stubborn, I go show them say I stubborn pass. They go flog flog till they tire.

When I saw that video on WhatsApp I laughed like a mad man. I actually had to watch it the second time.

My goodness! See audacity and effrontery written all over her face.

Meanwhile, a deep into the case revealed that Little Miss. Success was sent home from school because of N900 fee and that’s what brought about that video.

Success has attracted people’s attention that her life is now changed from a pupil who could not pay N900 to her real name “Success”.

I’m happy for her.

But I want to ask a question: Why do we allow situations to deteriorate before we lend our helping hands to people?

There are a million and one students that are in the same situation with what Success went through… To worsen the case, so many of them are close to us; in our environments but we choose to show blind eyes to them.

Millions of children in Nigeria are out of school, not at will but because they can’t afford it.

If we can take responsibilities for making the world a better, by putting in little little actions, we’ll definitely get a conducive atmosphere for growth and development.

It is on this note that Impactfield Global Youth Initiatives has designed the ImpactField school to school outreach geared at reaching out the students in rural areas with the message of hope and hands of charity.

We’d need up to #150,000 to make this a collosal success and we request your assistance.

You can reach us for a detail of what we plan to do as well as your supports.

We are glad you are part of this.


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