Celebrating The founders of ImpactField at their 21

One may be left to wonder whether it is true that the twin brothers that founded the IMPACTFIELD GLOBAL YOUTH INITIATIVE are just 21 years of age. Some would even doubt the accuracy of such figure, thereby attributing it to what is called “football age.”

The founders of the aforementioned Initiative, Amb. Gideon Chiedozie Okeke and Solomon Chimaechi Okeke celebrated their 21st birthday on the 2nd of May 2019. They marked the celebration with the official Presentation of their fifth book entitled FIRE ON; Give Yourself the Permission to Live Audaciously.

According to them, the book was inspired by the family background where they were born into which could have been a challenge towards their making Impact and blessing lives. They wrote the book to inspire any young person who think he has found reasons to despair and help such persons to see light at the end of tunnel, and most importantly, live their lives audaciously.

The authors encourage youths to rise up and own their lives and become the best of who God has made them to be.

The newly released is available for purchase and can be accessed currently through the authors or on online bookstores very soon.

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