Enugu Readers’ Summit 2018 was sparkled with Excellence.

Amb Gideon Okeke, the Founding President of IMPACTFIELD GLOBAL YOUTH INITIATIVE has declared the 2018 Enugu Readers Summit a colossal success. According to him, the ERS 2018 which kicked off with an essay writing competition for secondary school students in Enugu state on Wednesday, the 3rd of October, 2018 and ended with it grand finale (the Enugu Readers Summit and Awards 2018) was more successful than anyone ever expected.

Enugu Readers’ Summit is one of the major projects of the ImpactField which has grown to become an annual meeting. It is geared towards bringing back the students and youths to the reading table because it has over time been proven that men of worth and influence all over the world have a connection with books, they were made in the reading room. “Throughout the year we go from school to school teaching them the important of reading and personal development. Towards the end of the year we gather in a students and youths forum to discuss how effective life could be if books –knowledge– are not taken for granted. We also engage the secondary school students in a competition where the winners are determined according to merit and rewarded adequately” said Amb Gideon Okeke.

According to records, Enugu Readers Summit started on the 12th of July, 2016 with only 16 participants in a classroom at National Grammar School and having Rtn. Pst. E.A Grahams as the only adults in the meeting who doubled as the guest speaker. The low turnout did not frustrate the organizers into putting off the vision that was burning in them like flames of fire, rather they were determined to do more than they have done.

In 2017, the Enugu Readers Summit had a participation of close to 700 people consisting of secondary school students, youths, publishers, published authors from different writing niche and a whole lot of respected people in the city of Enugu.

The vision almost got to its dreadful halt when the founder, Amb Gideon Okeke, alongside his entire team went hunting for sponsorship for the 2018 edition of the summit (as the previous ones have always been self-sponsored with only  a little support from individuals and organizations) and found no recordable success. On a second thought the entire team had to review their vision and why they started ImpactField at the first place and from thence found reasons to do more, to push more even without sponsorship.

The summit which unarguably is one of the five largest annual students/youths’ gathering in Enugu since 2017 got it breakthrough this year from the benevolence and doggedity of its team members and well spirited individuals in and across Enugu and was held successful. It was adjudged the best ever.

The ERS 2018 with the theme “SPARKLES OF EXCELLENCE” featured the highly renowned On-Air Personality with Solid 100.9 Fm Enugu (Uma Uchechukwu Gabriel) as the keynote speaker, Dr. Adaobi Nwoye (The founder of Coal City Literary Forum) and Sir Chukwuma Ephraim Okenwa –CEO (the convener of #YouthDecides2019) as speakers. Also in attendance were notable writers, both young and old, from different writing niches which include Pst. Onyi Nnebedum (Author of Beat the Rest, Wisdom Donors, Shoot at Millions etc), Mr. Livinus Chinonso (Author of Maximum Impact etc), Ned Chinedum Nwabunike (Author of Eclipse, Ojuju Calabar, Despodency etc), Vitalis Kalu (Author of The Search for You and Young and Intentional), Solomon Umezude (Author of Endure to Enjoy and Choices), Stanley Chukwuemeka (Author of The Leader in You), Dr. Ufuoma Onwuka (Author of the Road to Righteousness), Maggie Smart 11 (Author of The Smart Writer’s HandBook etc), just to mention but a few.

The summit which had, as part of its content, paper presentation, keynote speeches, open mic reading, awards presentations, competitions, poetic renditions etc was said to have achieved it main aim of inspiring youths and students into becoming excellent in all they do by prompt acquisition and rightful application of knowledge in all their life’s endeavours.

During the appraisal and evaluation part of the event, the participants expressed their gratitude to the organizers of the Enugu Readers Summit for the impact the events has yielded in their lives since 2016 and pledged to always apply  whatever information they have garnered in the summit to their individual lives.

After evaluating the outcome of the 2018 summit, the entire team, led by Amb. Gideon Okeke, were surprised at the impact of the event and amazed at the success that they uttered that Enugu Readers’ Summit 2018 was sparkled with unpredicted Excellence.

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