ImpactField Global Youth Initiative, a student/youth based Non-Governmental Organization registered with the Cooperate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (RC: 125728 ) was founded in Nigeria in the year 2016. It has a global inclusive focus geared towards empowering the youths in totality, building the students and youths to become more effective through holistic equipping of the head, the heart and the hands.

Since inception (on the 12th of July, 2016) ImpactField has worked towards achieving these aims through various means, all anchored around her five core interests which include, Promotion of Literacy and Education, Youth Empowerment and Development (YED), Leadership and Capacity Development, Charity and Spirituality.

ImpactField is the host of the annual Enugu Readers Summit, Anambra Readers Summit, Leadership Rebirth Conference, Impact Charity, ImpactField Schools Outreach and numerous other programmes through which we have so far organized either as an organization alone or in partnership with other veritable organizations. These events in which Impactfield has made steady and satisfactory progress over the years are primarily connected to the actualization of her vision of enlightening and empowering especially the young population.

Among too many of her project, ImpactField has championed movements like the distribution of Free 2500 Exercise Books for students in rural areas, scholarship awards to students on merit, hosting of the Enugu Mega Competition in 2017 and 2018. ImpactField has also facilitated the distribution of over 2100 readable texts to students, youths, school libraries and organizations, hosting of leadership conferences and youth capacity building trainings in the past three years, charity projects and a whole lot of others.

ImpactField seeks to become one of the most influential organizations in African where the students and youths are empowered to become effective. By so doing, social vices are curbed and the society becomes more habitable.