Youth Development

The entire populace of the world is made up of more youths than any other categories of human beings. Hence, the youths become the life-wire of human existence. A society devoid of youths is obviously devoid of life. In preserving the future of humanity, the youth should be accorded the highest forms of attention.

ImpactField, therefore, contributes it quota to the enhancement of the society through its well-structured and strategic youth empowerment and development schemes. This is in agreement with our aims and objective as well as our vision 2033.

The ImpactField Youth Empowerment and Development (I-YED) Programmes are timely and well-structured to affect and improve so many salient areas in the youths lives including Mental Reformations, Academic/Educational Empowerment, Financial Intelligence, Emotional Health, Skills Acquisition, Relationship, Speech Development etc. With this, we achieve a holistic empowerment of the youth covering the three-fold empowerment (Head Empowerment, Mind Empowerment and Hand Empowerment).