We, at ImpactField Global Youth Initiative, believe that education (in all of its ramifications) is life. It creates an enabling environment for co-operation and peaceful co-existence. With Education, properly streamlined in the right direction, success and effectiveness are achievable.

Our advocacy for quality and efficient education for children all over the world (starting from Nigeria in West Africa) was born out of a desire to see the world influenced by the right choices and actions over the wrong, thereby making the world conducive for success and morality to thrive. This is in accordance with our passion as a youth based organization and in line with the No. 4 (Quality Education) of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

In our country of origin, Nigeria, too numerous children are starved of the opportunity to acquire good education as a resultant effect of the families they were born into while some other youths who have what it takes to acquire good education neglect what they have, thereby sacrificing its fortune on the altar of frivolities and pleasure.

As a clarion call that needs no neglect, we have started a nationwide (worldwide soon) movement known as the READERS SUMMIT since 12th of July, 2016 with its debut edition in Enugu State of Nigeria (known as Enugu Readers Summit). The summit, which bears the name of its host cities, is a movement geared toward bringing back students and youths to the reading room.