Leadership Rebirth Conference 4.0

The Leadership Rebirth program is a project of the Impactfield Global Youth Initiative, geared towards raising transformational leaders who will stand the taste of time, in character, learning and all ramifications of their lives thereby leading efficiently through influence and not just position. It is tailored towards bringing the leadership abilities of youths who are available and helping them see necessities for leading through the servant-leaders standpoint.

It is an annual gathering of young and emerging leaders specially designed to build character, capacity and competencies among young emerging leaders. This, we inculcate into them by teaching of principles, values and skills required to become leaders, helping them understand how to lead themselves effectively as well as leading others around.

Since inception, we have been focused on helping the attendees understand the best ways to lead themselves effectively. This year, we continue in this refining terrain. This 4th edition will, in addition to its major programmes, feature training Leadership Communication, Team Building, Interpersonal Relationship, Social Media for Leaders, Financial Intelligence and a Question and Answer (Q&A) session revolving around leadership.

Attendance is strictly by Invitation.

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