A productive society is in no small part a measure of the quality of teachers/formators that serve it. Unfortunately, it’s is an undeniable global fact that the same can’t be used to measure the quality of life these same teachers live.
Our teachers are co-creators with God. Working selflessly everyday to mould a progressive society by shaping the minds and bodies of individuals who constitute it.
It is with the realisation of this herculean mandate that the United Nations Educational , Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) in October 5th 1994 decided to, from then on, globally celebrate teachers. This led to the designation of October 5th as World Teachers day.
Furthermore, this year’s celebration is encapsulated in the theme; TEACHERS AT THE HEART OF EDUCATION RECOVERY. Highlighting a very much needed discuss after the havoc rendered by the Covid-19 virus on education and the global economy. Teachers have been on the forefront of resisting the devastating impact of the pandemic by offering their time and energy in ways historically akin to their unique character – Adaptation.
Teachers have due to necessity, availed themselves to new and emerging ways of teaching and learning in other to protect the interest of their students and the society at large. En mass and also through personal effort and dedication they adapted to and solidified the online formats of lecture delivery and student care. Even when it was not (is still not) remarkably profitable for them.
Today, all of us at Impactfield Global Youth Initiative celebrate teachers. Over the years , we have worked very closely with over twenty scores of them both within and beyond our urban cities. From Enugu metropolis to Nike to Awhum to villages in Nsukka, Ezagu, Udi, Nkanu and Agbani and many other locations in Nigeria. The work we do at Impactfield Global Youth Initiative is made easier by the dedication of these amazing teachers.
Finally, we seek not only to celebrate teachers but to also advocate for amenities, work benefits and social securities that will improve their material conditions. A very small price to pay compared to the sacrifices they render.
Ergo, we unequivocally call on the Federal, state and local governments, especially that of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Enugu state (our host state) to fulfil their sworn duties and provide the care they owe teachers in manners beneficial to their Union.
Teachers are the foundations of what little pride we have left as productive nation and they should be cherished as such.
We extend our hands of fellowship to the teachers all over the world who are being a blessing to their students in different areas of growth. We are sending a love load to all of you and praying that God’s Grace will keep abiding with you and you and your households shall be highly favoured.
Happy World Teachers’ Day!!
Impactfield Director for Education, Scholarship and Advocacy.

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